Measles Immunization Day

Measles Immunization Day

16th March – Measles immunization day

Measles immunization day is observed on 16th March every year. It is an effort to make people more aware of the disease and the steps they can take to prevent it.

As health-care professionals living in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the best way to raise awareness is through technology. Supplementary immunization activities (SIAs) are dependent on resource availability. Overall immunization efforts can be enhanced with effective communication that is evidence-based, reaches grassroots, is interactive, and based on local community support.
Interactive support is becoming better with the growth of social media channels like Twitter These have become valuable agencies for spreading information about the disease and preventive measures. There are more opportunities to enhance provider-patient relationships remotely. Along with this, integrative clinical and public health approaches can help in preventing the infection from spreading further.
On this day, we recognize the efforts of our healthcare providers in preventing the spread of this disease and present a repository of valuable reports, case studies, and trends in immunization to help them further their knowledge.
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