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Some testimonials for our online courses

  • Information Resources & Literature Searching:
    1. Very helpful in medical research. It is not usually taught at UG level , but it is good to know. Clear and concise learning objectives, lectures, and assessments. Kingshuk Sarkar, Student, Seth GSMC , KEM Hospital
    2. The course is extremely useful because it will help us to do research. There is a constant follow-up with students and reminding them about the part you have completed and the part remaining to be completed. Mayank Tripathi, Student
  • Introduction to Referencing:
    1. I liked the subtle explanation which was easy and crisp to understand. It was easy to grab the information in a quick way. Riya Khoja, Medical writer and Editor
    2. Everything explained well. Support was provided very promptly. Issue was resolved. Simple explanation for all topics. Roonmoni Deka, UG Student, AIIMS Guwahati
  • Mastering PubMed:
    1. What I liked the most about this course is the well structured methodology of the course.  Gladson Vaghela, UG Student, GMERS Medical College, Gandhinagar
    2. It is a good and thorough course which takes us through PubMed in a systematic manner. The course is well organised, precise and user-friendly. Anindita Mahanta, AIIMS Guwahati, Faculty-Dep Physiology
  • Reference Management with Mendeley: 
    1. This course helped to understand the use of Mendeley for reference management. The videos are short, addresses very specific topics, making it easy to view them and maintain attention and concentration. Also it is easy to revise. Anindita Mahanta, Faculty-Dep Physiology, AIIMS Guwahati
    2. The demo was very useful to understand the concept. Well explained with a demo for each chapter. Himashree Bhattacharyya , Faculty, Dept. Community & Family Medicine, AIIMS Guwahati

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