Feedback & Testimonials

Some testimonials for our online courses

  • Information Resources & Literature Searching:
    1.It is very important to refine your topics and find best resources for your projects. This session help me to understand how to do a better literature searching. Some issues raised when registering for QMedCourses , but the team resolved the issue very fast which makes it very easy to access the website. The way the course is taught, was very easy to understand fora beginner or an expert. Nishad Yoosuf, Physiotherapist, coGuide
    2. This course helped me get a start to work on my thesis, got me introduced to all the research jargons as well as very helpful important websites. The lectures used very basic and easy to understand language and taking the quiz later on cemented all the new information, which would otherwise be forgotten. Queensly Pereira. Topiwala National Medical College and Nair Hospital
  • Introduction to Referencing:
    1. Demonstrations and the examples given are excellent, also the assessment questions. I enjoyed the learning. Thanks a lot. Vijaya Gunjal, Dept Clinical Pharmacology, Seth GS Medical College
    2. I liked the explanation about the difference between reference and bibliography, the importance of referencing and use of reference managers in the storing the data. Reddikumar reddy Galigutta, NIPER
  • Mastering PubMed:
    1. Live demonstrations and repeated revisions within the short videos are extremely useful to remember things well. Thank You! Ashmeetkaur Oberoi, Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George’s Medical University
    2. Very useful for understanding and making pubmed search strategy. Small short video lectures, help to start and finish each topic easily as compared to long video lectures. Shakti Kumar Yadav, Faculty, Pathology and Lab Medicine, AIIMS Bhopal
  • Reference Management with Mendeley: 
    1.This course has consistent explanations with examples, really helpful. Suchitra Pusapati, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
    2. I always felt reference managing to be a very tedious job, the course made it very easy. Elaboration of all the available tools, features and tricks were very useful. Thank You! Ashmeetkaur Oberoi, Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George’s Medical University

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