Encouraging Undergraduate students of any health sciences stream to learn literature searching & referencing

If you are a UG student of any health sciences stream, and are an Indian Citizen, this is for you:

We currently have four online courses:

  • Information Resources & Literature Searching (Free)
  • Introduction to Referencing (Free)
  • Mastering PubMed
  • Reference Management with Mendeley
    And “Resources for you” – a database of useful resources for research and writing! 

To access the courses that are not free, we request for a small donation of Rs 250/- as your commitment to do all the courses. You will also get access to the resources database

Do note – this is special for UG students in India, because a donation of Rs 250/- cannot really support what we do. We are raising money through another initiative so that we can support your access and any mentoring that you may need. What you give is a token of commitment.

How do you get access to our courses and mentoring?

Please fill in this form to express your interest in taking our courses.


  1. Next, go to our Courses Website
  2. Click Login (top right corner)
  3. Click Create new account and register
  4. You can now access the free courses
  5. To access the rest, you need to make a donation (see below). We manually activate access for the non-free courses, within 24 hours of your donation

Donating to get access to the rest of the site

Option 1Preferred – Please go to www.qmed.ngo/donate-dm choose the first option – General fund. Enter 250/- and click Donate now and follow instructions

Option 2 – If the above is difficult

Scan this code and give Rs 250/- 

As you finish donating – please send a mail to us at info@qmed.ngo with the following details (only for those who used Option 2)

  • Transaction no
  • Your name 
  • Email id
  • Address
  • Country
  • City
  • State
  • Nationality 
  • PAN #
  • Mobile no

Once you donate, we manually activate access for the non-free courses, within 24 hours. You can also attend any of our “Revision webinars” that we hold every alternate Wednesday at 8 PM. You have these privileges for one year from the date of your donation.

Rewards and prizes for good scores
  1. Rs 250/ if you get at least 60% in all courses 
  2. Rs 500/- if you get 100% in the first two courses and at least 80% in the other two
  3. Rs 1000/ – if you 100% in all four courses


  • You need to finish all four courses within a month of your registering.
  • You should get these scores in the first attempt of the Final assessment 

Explanation about attempts – These scores are NOT about the MCQs that come at the end of sections, but only those that are in the Final Assessment. You get a chance to do more than one attempt in the final assessment of each course. But the prizes are offered only if you get the said scores in the first attempt. This is not very tough, because just like an “open book exam” we encourage you to check out a video lesson before you answer a question. The whole idea is to encourage you to learn thoroughly

Raising funds for this project:

We are raising funds towards supporting UG students.

We request seniors in the profession and members of the public to donate towards this cause. Please visit https://www.qmed.ngo/donate and help us support & mentor UG students with our online courses

Note: The rewards and prizes schemes may be changed at regular frequencies

Page last checked / updated: 11-Nov-2022