About QMed Knowledge Foundation

In India, students and professionals of all health science streams often waste hours, searching for literature and evidence. Time that could be better spent in actual research, learning and practice. This is because systematic training to find updates and evidence is not part of the health sciences curriculum. 

QMed has taught literature searching and reference management since 2008 April – via lectures and workshops. We also teach and support literature searching for authoring systematic reviews and meta-analyses

In 2018 we launched our courses online. And in 2020 we revamped these and have made them available to institutions and individuals. The courses are available at www.qmedcourses.in In the first year after the revamp, we enrolled over 4800 individuals. In June 2021, we also added to this website, a library of resources useful for literature searching, writing and more reading, related to health sciences research and education.

...Together let us build a generation that engages in evidence based healthcare...

The problem that we are handling: The health sciences curriculum has a lacuna in training students in methodological online searching to find relevant information and evidence. This is an important need both for research and practice.

What does QMed do for this? QMed trains students and professionals in structured literature searching and referencing. This, through e-learning courses, webinars, live workshops, lectures and mentoring sessions. QMed wishes to collaborate with Health Sciences Universities and Councils to get this training in the curriculum.