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QMed Knowledge Foundation: A Unique Change Making NGO in India

Health professionals want to find out the evidence of what works best, and offer patients treatment based on such evidence. They wish to stay updated with the latest research findings. How do they do this?

In India training to find updates and evidence is not part of the health sciences curriculum. As a result health science students and professionals waste hours searching for literature and evidence. Time that could be better spent in actual research, learning and practice!

QMed Knowledge Foundation is making a change. Since 2008, QMed has shared its skills in literature searching and referencing, conducting hundreds of workshops and lectures all over India.

The most common feedback was - “This should be a part of the curriculum; all of us need to learn this”. And in 2018, we launched our first Online Course. In 2019, we have added two more courses. Still more will follow in the future.

We believe in engaging with our target audience to take things ahead, so that the Indian population has access to evidence based healthcare. Together let us build a generation that engages in providing this access.

What we do

The art of medical literature searching….simplified…

Timeline / Achievements

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  • July 2020

    AIIMS Bhubaneshwar signed up for our courses for its students and faculty.

    Webinars for this month:

    3rd July- Literature Search – PURVIEW webcast series (CIPLA)
    15th July- Literature Search – MGM Institute of Physiotherapy
    20th July- Reference Management with Mendeley- Nutrition Society of India

  • June 2020

    QMed moved its online courses to its own platform

    This month QMed launched its online courses on our own platform!
    Do check out www.qmedcourses.in The first course is free and the other are available for those who give a nominal donation to QMed. Institutions get access at a low cost!
    We are grateful to Mediknit who supported us with their platform for the last two years.

    This month we did our second Webinar on Literature Searching for DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune on 18th June 2020. You could check the recording here

  • May 2020

    QMed’s Online Course

    A total of 100 people completed the PubMed Basics online course.

    We parallely worked on the new site as well

  • March-April 2020

    The Covid-19 pandemic and our Working from Home

    We spent these months planning and executing our new Online courses contents. PubMed has a “New PubMed” (launched in October 2019, and planned as default in mid – 2020), so we recorded new videos for this. We also decided to revamp our Mendeley course and introduce one new introductory course. The pandemic lockdown resulted in all recordings and planning happening through our work from home initiatives!

  • February 2020

    QMed’s Lectures for this month:

    Lectures: Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital-Pune, Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Pharmacy-Mumbai, Association of Biochemists – at DY Patil University,-Kolhapur, Nutrition Society of India Mumbai Chapter- Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science-Mumbai

How you can help

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