QMed’s Interactive Webinars

In June 2022, QMed launched “I-WEB” – interactive webinars to share our knowledge across a wider audience. The first “I-WEB” was held on Wednesday, 15th June 2022, to commemorate the second anniversary of the launch of www.qmedcourses.in 

Next webinar:

Structured PubMed Searching
(Understand the correct usage of Boolean operators, Truncation, the MeSH Thesaurus, Filters, Saving strategies & results, the Advanced Search and more)

Date: To be announced

Link to donate:

Important information about our webinars: 
  1. We will close registrations with 10 participants 
  2. We start on time
  3. The session will be intense. You will be doing some MCQs at various points. You will also be taking pre and post tests. We suggest doing these using a laptop or a computer rather than a mobile device
  4. We will email you a certificate of participation in 48 hours if you attend the entire session and attempt the pre and post tests (So please DO NOT BE LATE and also ensure that you ARE ready to take the tests)
  5. There will be no recording of this session
  6. After the event, you will get access to the entire content on  www.qmedcourses.in for one whole year. This includes e-learning courses, our resources library and the facility to have zoom  calls with us for getting help in literature searching / referencing
Who should attend this webinar? 

Any one who is a student or a professional in any area of health sciences. You are keen on learning to search PubMed in a structured manner. You are keen to know how to assess the searches done by students you guide. 

Specific answers to questions you might have
  1. I am enrolled for all courses on the www.qmedcourses.in website – can I join this webinar?
    Ans: You can, but you will have to make a donation of Rs 2000/- to join this webinar. Instead, do remember – you can learn from the site at your own pace. You could also take appointments with us to clear any doubts or get help with search strategies.
  2. I am not sure if I am enrolled. How can I check this out?
    Ans: Please visit www.qmedcourses.in . Click “Login” on the top right corner and sign in (Use the forgot password option if needed). If you are registered, then in your profile page you will know if you have access to only the first two free courses, or all courses and the resources library

Note: please also visit this page – Access for institutions. On this page you will find a list of institutions enrolled with us. If you are a student/employee of any of these, you should have access to our entire site. If you do not find your login, please write to us – [support@qmed.ngo]

For any questions / more information, please write to  [support@qmed.ngo]

Page checked / updated on 29-Jul-2022