QMed’s Interactive Webinars

In June 2022, QMed launched “I-WEB” – interactive webinars to share our knowledge across a wider audience. The first “I-WEB” was held on Wednesday, 15th June 2022, to commemorate the second anniversary of the launch of www.qmedcourses.in 

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Is the webinar free to attend?

It is FREE for:

  • Individuals:  Individuals who are fully enrolled for ALL courses – in www.qmedcourses.in . You would have given us a donation sometime this year
  • Institutions: Those who are students of / employed in an institution mentioned in this page. The institution would have paid QMed to provide access. Note – the institution MUST be currently enrolled (If you are not sure that you are enrolled, please see “Important Instructions” below)

If you do not fall into either of the above categories:

  1. It means that you are either enrolled for ONLY our free courses, or NOT AT ALL.
  2. You need to give a donation to QMed, so that we can give you access to all courses AND you can join the webinar too
  3. To donate, please visit www.qmed.ngo/donate-dm and give a donation of
    a) Rs. 2000/- if you would like access to all courses as well as help sessions from us for one whole year
    b) Rs 250/ – IF you are a UG student. You will get access to all courses and help for one whole year
    c) Rs 500/- if you would like access to all courses for only two months
  4. Once you give your donation, if you are enrolled for the free courses, then within 24 hours we will activate access to the whole site. This makes you eligible to attend this webinar as well as all future webinars in the next one year
  5. If you are not enrolled even for our free courses, please visit www.qmedcourses.in . Click “Login”, and “Is this your first time here” and register. (This give you access to the two free courses). We will activate the rest within 24 hours of getting your donation.


To attend the Webinar:
Please fill this form (coming soon) if you plan to attend the webinar. It is vital that you check the “Important Instructions” (further below) before you sign up because – as in other webinars, we will NOT be sending a link to join the webinar. 

You will need to visit www.qmedcourses.in, login and click the link for the Mastering PubMed/Reference Management with Mendeley Course.
You will see the “Join the Webinar” link just below the Course Overview. You can do this, only if you are fully enrolled on this website

Important Instructions:
    1. Please login to  www.qmedcourses.in   and see if you can access ALL four courses and the Resources library.
    2. If you have forgotten your password (or it does not work) click “Lost password”. To reset your password either, Search by username or Search by Email id and follow the steps. Once you login, check  if you have access to all our four courses and Resources library.
    3. We will start at 8.00 PM sharp
    4. There will be no recording of this session. (We already have recordings on the site, you see!)
    5. We suggest using a laptop or a computer rather than a mobile device for this event, but the choice is yours.
    6. Please join the Whatsapp group so that we can communicate with you in-case there is any problem.
Who should attend this webinar?

Any student or professional in any area of health sciences who

  • Is keen on learning to use a PubMed / Reference Management software in a structured manner, with full confidence
  • Feels it is important to ensure that the searches done by students / research scholars are all done correctly and ensures that references included are all correct.
For any questions / more information, please write to  [support@qmed.ngo]

Page checked / updated on 17-Nov-2022