QMed’s Workshops

QMed conducted 244 live workshops from April 2008 till January 2020. And soon after the Covid pandemic hit the world, thanks to which live workshops have not been possible.  

In June 2020 we launched our courses online at – www.qmedcourses.in

This site can be one or more of the following: 

  1. Learning resource through the current four courses
  2. A revision tool – any of the videos serves as a revision tool, if one forgets any of the learning
  3. A reference library – with the pool of resources in the section “Resources for you”
  4. Mini webinar sessions for interactions
  5. Consulting / mentoring sessions with QMed – by booking an appointment. Especially useful for those wanting to create good search strategies for systematic / scoping reviews

 From April 2022, we once again offer our live workshops – for institutions enrolled for our Online courses. When they subscribe, they can request for one workshop at their institution. Additional workshops will cost the institution Rs 10,000/- plus GST. If an institution has not yet enrolled, they can ask for the workshop to be held first and then we will provide access to the online courses for the whole institution at the end of the workshop and on receipt of payment. For costs applicable – please visit this page

Our most popular workshops are Mastering PubMed, and Reference Management with Mendeley. For those who have done the first, we also offer Mastering PubMed: Advanced, and Cochrane Library. We have conducted 262 live workshops so far.

About our workshops
  1. The workshops are interactive.
  2. Each workshop is of one day duration. 
  3. For programs out of Mumbai, the following are applicable:
    1. Travel reimbursement: Economy air fare, or II AC train fare / luxury bus / taxi fares / petrol costs – as applicable (where flights do not operate)
    2. Pick up from and drop to the airport / railway station, as applicable.
    3. Guest house / safe hotel accommodation if there is a need for an overnight stay
  4. The ideal number of participants is around 40, but we do not restrict numbers.
  5. While participants may bring laptops, and try out some exercises, the workshops are not hands-on
If you wish to hold a workshop in your institution / event:
  1. Please go through the documents in the Useful Links / Downloads section on the right
  2. Check out possible dates, with us – write to info@qmed.ngo
  3. Once decided, please fill in the letter of confirmation, take the appropriate signature, scan it and send it to us at the earliest to – info@qmed.ngo, to confirm your workshop
  4. We recommend that you invite your librarian/s to participate in this workshop so that they can also help participants in the future

*Aug 2020 to 14 Jun 2024 – 212 quiz participants
Scores  (out of 5) 

  Participants Score 0/5 Score 1/5 Score 2/5 Score 3/5 Score 4/5 Score 5/5
Numbers 212 22 47 56 44


Percentage 100 10 22 26 21 15 5
Additional notes:
  1. If you have constraints in organizing a workshop, we are happy to deliver lectures on the above topics. They serve as a sensitization. We charge Rs.5000 plus GST. We have delivered lectures at Research Methodology workshops and at events like Conferences. Learn more about our lectures
  2. If your institution would like the workshop to be hands on, the costs remain the same, but the number of participants should not exceed 20 (twenty)
Note: The workshop costs may be subject to revision depending on a number of external factors.

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(We check the "Useful downloads" too, on a regular basis)