QMed’s Bi-Weekly Mini Webinars

Starting January 2022 we are conducting bi-weekly short webinar sessions to encourage students and professionals of all health sciences to enrol on our site, complete all courses and learn to use the Resources for You database thoroughly. 

Anyone can join these sessions. There will be eight 15 minute sessions every month  and these will be repeated every month. If you miss one, you could attend the same in the next month

Just like our video lessons in the course, we are keeping the presentations short – (15 minutes), but people can stay on and ask questions or have discussions if they wish to.

Webinar Schedule

The mini webinar sessions will be held every Tuesday and Friday. They will begin at 4 PM sharp. There will be no recordings

Session When Date/Time Content coverage from courses
1 1st Tuesday 04-Jan-2022; 4pm Course I – Know Your Information Resources – Concluded
2 1st Friday 07-Jan-2022; 4pm Course I – Literature Searching – Concluded
3 2nd Tuesday 11-Jan-2022; 4pm Course III – Focusing search results using MeSH
4 2nd Friday 14-Jan-2022; 4pm Course III – Narrow down search results
5 3rd Tuesday 18-Jan-2022; 4pm Course III – Saving your searches
6 3rd Friday 21-Jan-2022; 4pm Course II – About References & Referencing
7 4th Tuesday 25-Jan-2022; 4pm Course IV – Populating Mendeley
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8 4th Friday 28-Jan-2022; 4pm Course IV – Managing Duplicates and Adding Citations and Bibliography in an article

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