“Literature search is about finding the right articles and not just free articles”

In order to help health sciences students and professionals understand what literature searching really involves, we deliver lectures on the topic and also its next step – Reference Management. Both lectures cover the basic essentials of what we teach in our workshops. We have delivered over 400 lectures in health science institutions/events/conferences across India. Our CEO is also often invited to deliver special lectures or keynote addresses on topics relevant to research, information or libraries.

We accept invitations for delivering lectures from all over India. Ms Vasumathi often delivers lectures in parts of India where she travels to for personal reasons as well. All this, as a part of our objective of sensitizing students and others in the importance of right literature searching and referencing techniques. Most often, the honorarium given does not cover our costs.

As of date, we have delivered more than 400 lectures in health science institutions/events/conferences across India, and have invitations for five more in the next couple of months

We have a request for institutions that invite us to deliver lectures. If you can budget to give us an honorarium of Rs. 5000/- per lecture, this helps us cover costs of several initiatives that we do. We would also like to share, that with our ELearning programs, we believe that by mid 2020 we will raise money to take care of several program costs. Till then, this amount would be of great help!

Vasumathi Sriganesh is an MUHS (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) approved faculty for Research Methodology Workshops. She is also an accredited Specialty Speaker of the Maharashtra Medical Council. Her Speaker Code No is MMC/MASS/00030/2016. Ms Fatima Shaikh have also delivered lectures at various Research Methodology workshops and so did Ms Parvati Iyer, till March 2019

Our Lectures on Literature Searching will sensitize you about:
  1. Types of Information Resources
  2. Foundational Tips on Literature Searching
  3. Awareness about Evidence Based Resources

Faculty and students will be aware of various information resources and know where to look for information.

Our Lectures on Reference Management will sensitize you about:
  1. Why there is a strong need for “managing references”
  2. Simple tips on storing references in a software (Mendeley)
  3. Citing and creating a bibliography from these in your article / thesis

Faculty and students will be aware of the basics of using the software for managing references.

Additionally, in our Special Lectures, we cover a variety of topics. In the last one, our CEO spoke of the importance of innovation in every sphere of work.


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