Access to QMedCourses and support for individuals 

(If you are a UG student, please visit this page) 

Any individual can register on and access the first two courses – “Information Resources and Literature Searching” and “Introduction to Referencing”.

In order to access the entire site with detailed courses and our “Resources for you” Library, follow instructions below. 

Before registering, please check:

If the Institution you study / work in, has subscribed to our courses.

  • Check this link and if you see your institution name, follow the instructions in the box above the list of institutions
    (Note – You will then register through your institution’s link or you need to contact the concerned people)
  • If you enroll through your institution’s “Library access” – example MyLoft or Knimbus, you will immediately have access to all our courses and the Resources Library! If you have to fill a form or contact concerned faculty, the access may take a couple of days

If your institution has not subscribed:

You will enroll as an individual – if you make a donation and register on

We give access to all our courses as well as our “Resources library as follows:  

  1. Rs 2500/- or above – one year access
  2. Rs 800/- or above – three months access
  • Please visit
  • Choose the Danamojo option if you are an Indian citizen and donate for one year or three months access
  • If you are not an Indian citizen, choose the GlobalGiving option and donate $35 or more for a one year access

Registering  on the site:

  1. Visit and first check the Instructions page
  2. Register yourself, following instructions that you read. 
  3. When you are “Creating a new account” – towards the end of the form, Under “Payment Details”, choose – Access type – The entire site
  4. Select the donation platform correctly and enter the donation ID 
  5. Donation ID (This is a 6 or 7 digit number you would have got in your email receipt. OR if you paid using a UPI option, enter the Transaction ID)
  6. You will get access to all the contents of the site.
  7. In-case you are unable to access, send us an email – to

Idea – Please complete all the courses and encourage your institution to take up a subscription for all! This action would be your contribution to the institution!

Page last checked / updated: 10-Jun-2024