Epidemiology and Reporting Characteristics of Systematic Reviews of Biomedical Research: A Cross-Sectional Study

Page MJ, Shamseer L, Altman DG, Tetzlaff J, Sampson M, Tricco AC, Catalá-López F, Li L, Reid EK, Sarkis-Onofre R, Moher D.Epidemiology and Reporting Characteristics of Systematic Reviews of Biomedical Research: A Cross-Sectional Study. PLoS Med. 2016 May 24;13(5):e1002028  Systematic reviews can help decision makers interpret research findings in the overload of published biomedical literature. However if […]

But PubMed does not have free articles

In a workshop on ‘Literature Searching’ for a group of DNB students I briefly explained the ‘Filters’ feature in PubMed. I gave an example of using this feature to locate ‘free full text’ articles. In this context a student remarked “Anyway 90% of articles in PubMed are not free, so this feature will not be […]