Workshop on Diagnostic and Screening test Evaluation–Imperfect Gold Standard, Meta Analyses and Application of Latent Class Models – October 9-11, 2017

This course’s main purpose is to impart basic knowledge in understanding the principles and practice of Diagnostic and Screening testing, specifically to assess the reliability and validity of those tests. It is tailored to medical, allied health professionals, non-medical faculty, and/or researchers who are interested in learning more about diagnostic test research (validity and reliability studies), […]

All non profit organizations are not about charity. Some like QMed are “change makers”.

I am often asked why QMed is a not-for-profit organization. And I think it is time I answered this in a blog post. Non-profit organizations work for overall societal benefit. Many work at making major changes in specific areas.  Some non-profits work for environmental preservation whilst non-profit Educational institutions create educated individuals. Libraries support the […]