World Disabled Day

World Disabled Day

15th March – World Disabled Day

The Internet shows two observances for Disabilities – 15th March and 3rd December. Till we learn more about each of these, we share our blog post anyway!

15th March is a day for raising awareness about human disabilities. Among other factors, aging and population growth play a big role in increasing numbers of people with dementia and disabilities. Rehabilitation interventions help improve the physical function, cognition, and quality of life of people with disabilities.

Owing to technological advances, it is possible to deliver many rehabilitation interventions digitally with the aid of telehealth services. This is even more useful in a world affected by COVID-19, where physical intervention is not always possible. Technology has also made reconstructive options available for people with physical disabilities like upper limb amputations. Targeted muscle re-innervation, regenerative peripheral nerve interface, and modern prosthetics have all come together to aid healthcare professionals in assisting their patients.

Additionally, for people with mental disabilities, teleconferencing has become a viable option to say in touch with and obtain help from doctors. The domain of assistive technology is expanding, and with it, healthcare professionals will have increased access to their patients. On the occasion of World Disabled Day, we have put together a valuable list of resources for you. These include articles on legislation, trends, standards, prevention, and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. We hope these resources will add to your wealth of information.

Links to free reviews and systematic reviews about disabilities – available via PubMed  

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