World Water Day

World Water Day

22nd March – World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March every year. 2021 is all about valuing water. It is about looking at water from a personal perspective, to understand what it means to each of us. As health professionals, you know the value associated with clean drinking water. It is one of the most precious resources at the disposal of mankind.

On this day, we decided to do something a little different and bring you a list of resources that don’t just look at treating or improving water quality, but also focus on the therapeutic dimensions of water. This is one of the most interesting links we have created.

It includes resources ranging from a study of polymer flocculants to enable solid-liquid separation in potable water treatment, to development of nanomaterials for wastewater treatment and their implications on the environment, to using water vapor as a potentially less-invasive thermal therapy tool for healing lower urinary tract symptoms.

We hope that these search results will give you interesting reviews and research on the diverse aspects of water-use and treatment.

From QMed: Recent articles on therapeutic uses of water- systematic reviews and reviews

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