Active review sessions can advance student learning.

Active review sessions can advance student learning.

Favero TG.

Active review sessions can advance student learning.

Adv Physiol Educ. 2011;35:247-8

“Because of the vast amount of information in textbooks and other electronic media, most students today have a difficult time discerning the essential content of the discipline and how it might be used to solve problems”
The author discusses the need of students to have review sessions before their exams. He tries a new approach where he conducts such a review session in regular class hours. Each student is asked to note down issues and problems s/he thinks is important for learning in the profession. He then describes how he takes issues that appear in most students’ lists and add any he himself considers vital. Students are asked to generate exam questions and also discuss on applicability in problem solving. A very interesting attempt to ensure that students attend a class and that the session tackles problem solving as well as examination oriented approaches. Not forgetting the information overload!

Appeared in QMedCONNECT Vol 4, Issue 09-10, Sep-Oct 2011

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