The Cochrane Students’ Journal Club

The Cochrane Students’ Journal Club

This is a brand new initiative to sensitize students to the concepts and practice of Evidence Based Medicine, and to critically read medical literature outside their key areas of study. Available at, it will follow a regular schedule. On the 1st of every month a Clinical scenario with a PICO style question will be posted. Students are encouraged to post their search strategies and the best review they find on the question. On the 7th, moderators will post the best review and the search strategies (this part will be a contribution from QMedKF). Next, students are invited to post their appraisal of the topic. On the 15th of the month, an expert reviewer from the moderators will post his/her appraisal. After this students can discuss the appraisal, ask questions / seek guidance.

This journal club was conceptualized by Akshay Sharma a recent medical graduate from KMC Mangalore and has a team of moderators & reviewers comprising senior medical faculty, some of them working with Cochrane groups, enthusiastic students and Vasumathi Sriganesh from QMedKF!

Appeared in Volume 4 Issue 01 of QMedConnect

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