Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Free Online Plagiarism checker.

The word “Plagiarism” keeps surfacing every now and then, in several contexts. We know that in the simplest sense it means “copying”. But when we sit down to write an article several doubts come up. “If I reference whatever I have copied, does that constitute plagiarism”? “If I copy from my previous article is that plagiarism”? And, if these doubts do not enter our heads, the Editorial Board members ensure that they do!

The Free Online Plagiarism Checker (Searchengine reports) checks and points out online sources from where matter may have been copied. Here is a tip for everyone writing an article – before submission, please upload the text on the Plagiarism checking tool provided.

Remember that Editorial Board members use such tools too! So do them a favour and do yourself a favour. Use this and if it points out that you have copied something, you could easily do one of two things – a) Rewrite the lines/paragraphs in your own words without looking at the same text. b) Put the text in quotes, and before the copied part add the words “As xyz says” (use the author’s last name), add a reference number and write down the correct reference at the end! Please do study the – many things are explained very simply out there. You will save yourself and the editor a lot of headaches!

Thank you Akshay Sharma for this contribution to QMedCONNECT.

Appeared in Volume 3 Issue 12 of QMedConnect

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