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F1000 РOpen Access Source for Posters РBiology & Medicine 
We have all seen posters in conferences where we come away with ideas, take home messages and sometimes exciting discoveries. All of us agree that conference posters (and papers) are very important sources of information. And yet, they as good as disappear once the conference is over. This – unless the authors publish them as papers in journals, or the conference organizers put up all information in a website. Both situations do not happen as often as we’d like them to. F1000 Posters appears to be “the answer” to this problem! It is an open access repository for posters. You can browse by topic or search for posters on topics of interest.The advanced search allows several options and you can even get reports, evaluations and more. You can deposit a poster, and check out about Journal’s policies regarding acceptance of the poster’s contents as an article, if you wish to submit an article for publication. Check out http://posters.f1000.com/posters

 Appeared in Volume 4 Issue 04 of QMedConnect

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