Sep 26, 2022: Sharing a small story from our donor – NRK Raman

Sep 26, 2022: Sharing a small story from our donor – NRK Raman

For long, we have shared stories about those who we have helped, about ourselves and about the context in which we work. How about a story from a donor? 

I am happy to share something about NRK Raman an old friend. He was my husband’s colleague for several years and his family and ours still share a great rapport. I had attended his wedding, and his daughter’s wedding and he and his wife are proud grandparents too. 

Raman was always interested in the work I did and once I set up the QMed Foundation he was even more interested. He has been a regular donor and has also been my sounding board off and on. I asked him if he would write about his interest in QMed and what makes him donate. He happily responded and this is what he says:

At some stage in life, everyone looks for opportunities to serve the society in various ways to bring positive change. I found my calling when my dear friend Vasumathi called long ago to share her enthusiasm, passion and story of QMed which was at its infancy then.

It struck me that QMed knowledge Foundation is one of its kind, with its unique programme to skill upcoming as well as established medical professionals to do their jobs much more efficiently, based on evidence and data. To search for the right medical info that a student or a research fellow or a doctor needs quickly in their day to day work can be mind boggling to say the least given the humongous data to sift through, it’s almost like searching for a needle in a haystack, that’s the problem QMed solves elegantly. If lakhs of medical professionals are armed with QMed’s tools and methodologies it can make a huge impact to the outcomes and benefit the society at large.

That is what I am drawn to and happy to be a staunch supporter of QMed’s vision over the years. Here profit is not the motive, results are; do join and be part of the QMed’s journey.

We at QMed thank Raman with all our heart and wish him and his family the very best. We wish every donor the best too! 

Current appeal

Last fortnight, we had put out an appeal to help fund the purchase of a laptop for our Technology Head – Ms Fatima. We have estimated a cost of Rs 60,000/- One kind donor has sent us Rs 15,000/-

We hope to have more funds coming in towards this! Fatima continues to do great jobs with her current laptop, but we know that she could do much more, much faster if we could give her a new one.

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