Sep 15, 2022: Online courses or Fundraising – the dilemma

Money or Mission? For many not for profit organizations, this is a struggle! We are still struggling to find an answer to the question – Do we focus on our online (E-learning courses) or on fundraising? How do we balance both?

For QMed to be self-sufficient – the answer appears almost crazily simple! Our E-learning courses at – have had great reviews. We offer a full package to institutions at a very affordable cost. And to individuals for a reasonable donation.

If all medical colleges in the country (approximately 500) pay for access, we do not need to do any fundraising. We may even be able to give access at a lower fee! We’d be happiest if we could work on our mission and not worry about raising funds.

But getting a medical college to subscribe, is a challenge. There are lots of reasons for this – and they are based on a “They don’t know what they don’t know” scenario. Beliefs like

  • Everyone really knows how to search because they are tech savvy
  • The existing research methodology courses cover the topics (the reality is they do not)
  • It is too heavy for medical students in their already overloaded curriculum (we have found that students learn it the fastest)
  • Nothing new can be included in the curriculum without approvals. The reality is there IS a line in the current curriculum – every Indian medical graduate MUST know how to search online!

And so – as we work on these challenges, we still have bills to pay and salaries to fork out.

As you read this, how can you help?

  • Ask us if you need to know more details about our work and our needs
  • Continue to donate – we still need help
  • Spread the word about us – it still makes a big difference!
  • If you have done our courses – please talk about them. As often as you can. Convince others to do them
  • If you are from an institution that has subscribed – spread the word – and ensure that lots of students and faculty go through the learning. So that the institution renews and the next incoming batch of students gets the opportunity to learn
  • If you can introduce us to institution heads – please do
  • And finally if you can create magic with the National Medical Commission – do help us out!


We are doing a LOT with minimal resources. And we do it very cheerfully. Yet, there are times we badly need more. Right now, we would like to get a new laptop for our technology-in-charge. We can make things so much better for her. We would like to raise around Rs 60,000/- for the same. Would you consider donating towards this? If you do, please click the Donate Now button below, fill in whatever amount you can give in the “General Fund” option. Once you add all details, in the Note Area please mention – “Towards the cost of a laptop”.

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