June 9, 2023: QMed gets its first educational grant

It has been a couple of months since we wrote to you. In the end of March, I had mentioned about having been ill. It did take a while to regain strength, catch up on some backlog and more. However, it was a demanding time. We have had delays with our communications – our blogs and donor connect emails. My apologies. I thank you for your understanding.

Here comes a great piece of news! I am happy to share that in April, QMed got its first ever, large Education Grant! We got this grant from Pfizer. Getting our first large grant has happened after 15 years of our work. With this grant we are currently hard at work, planning workshops and offering our ELearning courses to 10 AIIMS institutions in the country.

I would like to record my appreciation and thanks to Pfizer not just for having given us this grant, but for making the effort to understand the work we do, why we do it  and helping us with all processes and documentation for the grant. It is interesting to note that when they give us an Education Grant, they give us the independence to carry out the whole activity. They have no expectations from us except that we utilize the money for the purposes that we shared with them.

We have got in touch with most of the AIIMS institutions and they have started responding. Most had vacations in May, and hence there have been small delays. We will now speed up our communications and follow ups, and move ahead.

Once we start, it means travelling to ten different AIIMS institutions all over the country to conduct workshops and handling their registrations on our ELearning site. We are very excited about this

The grant money will help us for a few months ahead, and we hope that by then more institutions sign up for our courses. Pfizer has also indicated that they might support us further if we demonstrate completion of work for all ten institutions and good feedback from them.

Do send us your best wishes!

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