June23, 2023: Spreading Awareness of QMedCourses: A Journey of Resilience and Commitment

We hope you are doing very well. We sincerely appreciate your support for QMedCourses as we strive to enhance medical research nationwide. We would like to update you on our recent progress and the challenges we have successfully overcome.

We had started QMedCourses in June 2020. In the first two years – thanks to the pandemic, medical colleges (rightly) focused their priorities on handling the same. In fact, thanks to the situation, they had several tough decisions to make – like whether to keep students on campus or send them home! Post pandemic, they took time to get things back in order. Thanks to this situation, majority could not prioritize learning about our courses and implementing them.

A fresh start to spread awareness of QMedCourses – www.qmedcourses.in

Now as things have settled, we felt this is the best time to make an effort to reach out to every health science institution and encourage them to work with us.  We need to let them know about QMedCourses – how it could help all of them save hours and do better research.

We just sent out communications by post to all 650 medical colleges in the country

To do this our Trustee Mr Sriganesh got data about 650 colleges into a spreadsheet, and we did a mailmerge exercise in order to print a letter addressed to all of them. We also sent them a one-page note about our courses and a proforma invoice, which should encourage them to act.

We discussed with the post office and got them to frank all of them and mail them out. All this involved a fair amount of work and coordination and our Trustee put his heart and soul into this. Thank you Mr Sriganesh!

We sent out emails too

We are also sending out the same communications by email with the hope that the heads of each institution will check one of them. Next, we plan to repeat the process with Dental colleges and other health sciences institutions.

We have also prepared a bunch of catchy posters to share on Social Media. We will be posting them every week.

We hope to hear from many colleges soon.

We seek your wishes

Our commitment to reach out to all institutions stays strong. We are working hard at this and need your best wishes to take our mission ahead!

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