July 12, 2023: THIRST For AIIMS – Getting Started

July 12, 2023: THIRST For AIIMS – Getting Started

In our June 9 communication of Donor Connect, we had shared the wonderful news about getting an Educational Grant from Pfizer. With two months of planning, we are all set to conduct workshops and offer our ELearning courses to AIIMS Raipur, AIIMS Guwahati and AIIMS Kalyani. These workshops are happening in July. AIIMS Bhopal, Jodhpur, Rae Bareli and Nagpur have also given their nod, the dates being formalized are in process. We are all excited to move ahead.

This project got its name from the name I had planned for my freelancing entity that I first started with – before I started QMed. THIRST stood for “Training in Health Information Retrieval and Search Techniques” and THIRST for AIIMS sounded very catchy! Pfizer loved this name – when I mentioned it in passing and felt that we should use the same. Once again we seek your best wishes for our implementing these sessions.

QMed’s Donor Conect Page:

For long, we wanted to have the contents of our Donor Connect emails, available on our website.  We accomplished that too. Do visit our page https://www.qmed.ngo/donor-connect/ – where you can see our current and old “Connects”.

QMed’s Google Reviews

We recently asked people to leave reviews about QMed on our Google Maps and quite a few have added them. Would you like to give us a review? You could do that here

Reaching out to Dental Colleges

In our June 23 communication of Donor Connect, we had mentioned about how we sent mailers to 650 medical colleges. Later we repeated the process for about 330 Dental colleges. It was much quicker this time, as we had all processes in place.

A thank you to Danamojo!

We would like to thank Danamojo for making the process for the 10BD and 10BE formalities really easy for us. Last year, soon after this became mandatory, they made it easy for us to upload the necessary files in the Income tax portal. This year, they made the mailing of the 10BE a breeze!

An image for Social media by our youngest colleague

Our new colleague Priyanka designed a lovely Social media message to promote our courses. It was a great way of telling people that they needed to join our courses to unlearn, in addition to getting new learning! (Image on the left)

We seek your wishes

Our commitment to reach out to all institutions stays strong. We are working hard at this and need your best wishes to take our mission ahead!

We invite you to join us in our journey. When you give monetarily or with your time/expertise, you are part of a history which we are creating. You could connect us to people who matter – in the National Medical Commission / ICMR and similar bodies. You could help us reach medical colleges and similar institutions. And of course – monetary donations are vital, till we reach all institutions and they help us sustain this work. 

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