December 21, 2023: Will You Be a Catalyst for India’s Medical Research Revolution?

Raising funds consistently posed challenges for us. Our donor pool was limited, primarily relying on reaching out to the same individuals whenever funding was required.

Danamojo is a platform through which we collect our donations within India. They recently organized a program to help several NGOs to raise funds. This four-month initiative focused on institutionalizing retail fundraising. We submitted an application for the program and were fortunate to be selected.
During that month, donations we raise wre being “matched” by Danamojo (our fundraising platform). Our target was Rs 15 lakhs! We had a campaign called – Will You Be a Catalyst for India’s Medical Research Revolution?. During the challenge, (Oct 19 – Nov 17) we raised about Rs 4.6 lakhs. And we got matching donations of approximately Rs 70,000/-.

We had planned to utilize the amount as below:

  • Rs 7 Lakhs for MBBS students who will be going for the ICMR STS program, providing them with access to QMedCourses.
  • Support 12 small institutions with our courses and mentoring.
  • Support 15 non-funded Systematic Review authors

Having raised about Rs 5 lakhs we started with the ICMR STS project. We have embarked on this and several students have registered with us to do the ELearning courses. We look forward to seeing more registrations. 

We have extended the campaign page – till 31st March, 2023 to raise the full 15 Lakhs that we wished to raise. We hope to show you good results with all that we want to achieve!

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