3 – Interesting Articles

Observational studies: how to go about them?

Setia MS.Observational studies: how to go about them? Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2008 May-Jun;74(3):288-91 Different types of research studies have different methods of implementation and analyses. They also have advantages and certain limitations. While it is important to know these for doing research, it is equally important to know about them for searching the literature […]

Scientific writing: The Indian scenario.

Sivapathasundharam B. Scientific writing: The Indian scenario.  Indian Journal of Dental Research 2008;19:87. This is an Editorial and the editor highlights the urgent need for Indian authors to write in Indian journals, the need to improve quality and the need to reduce document overload by reducing submission of unnecessary “repeated research”. Appeared in QMedCONNECT Vol 1 […]