Unity is strength

Unity is strength

You must have read this story as a child. About an old man who lived with three sons – all hard workers but fought all the time. The old man tried a lot to unite them but he failed. And finally decided to teach them a lesson. He made them break single sticks from a bundle and they could do that easily. Then he gave them a full bundle and they could break them only when they worked together.

I now address all those who are registered for our ELearning courses, and have not worked on them. Do you remember the power of “combined study” just before exams? Wasn’t that fun and also result producing? You motivated each other, cribbed together, cleared each other’s doubts and more

Why not try the same with the ELearning courses? Watch them together – just 15 minutes a day. There is power in “Tiny Habits”. Ideally do the MCQs and the Final assessment separately. Then learn from your mistakes. Discuss them. Learn from each other. Keep reminding yourselves – “Unity is strength”

Do you know that you could repeat the Final Assessment any number of times and get a 100% score too? Why not take advantage of that?

Start now – Commit to learning from the old tales. Work together, and have an amazing learning experience!

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