Exciting new offerings from QMed!

Exciting new offerings from QMed!

The yo yo situation with Covid is challenging in its own way. Difficult to plan any travelling. And for institutions it is the challenge of what activities can they do, always being in anticipation of a surge in Covid admissions and personnel allocation. For those enrolled in our courses, it is again something that takes their attention away from completing them.

The New Offerings from QMed:

Mini webinars:

Starting January 2022 we are holding “Mini webinars” – events of 15 minutes duration, followed by interactions. We are holding them twice a week. Every Tuesday & Friday at 4 pm. We are covering the gist of our courses – all in a month.

More information and registration details at www.qmed.ngo/courses/webinars

The aim of these webinars?

  • Those who are fully enrolled will be motivated to complete them.
  • And those who have not enrolled – will join and complete them

This idea resulted from thinking hard about how to motivate lots of people to enrol and complete all courses

We have had three events so far – on the 4th, 7th and 11th of January. Today – 14th Jan is the fourth webinar.

So far it has been that many register (that is awesome!) but smaller numbers actually show up (slightly dampening). There can be many reasons for this. We don’t really know why, till we find out. We put in lots of efforts in planning these out, so it is a bit tough on us. But – we cheer each other and come back to our “never say die” approach!

Widget on the QMedCourses site for booking appointments with us

In our website – www.qmedcourses.in – we added a widget through which any fully enrolled participant can book an appointment with us for personalized learning. Do check out the site – it appears on the right side bar.

Displaying our latest resource from our rich database – “Resources for You” on our site

In our site – www.qmedcourses.in we have also started displaying the “latest resource” we added to our “Resources for You” database – so that our participants learn about a large number of resources that are available to aid them in their research and writing activities.

Step by step – we are attempting to leave no stone unturned in order to achieve our mission – to share our knowledge with every health science student & professional in India!

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