There is no such thing as failing. There are only results

There is no such thing as failing. There are only results

I am reading this book by Wayne Dyer – “Wisdom of the Ages”

In one of the essays he says, “There is no such thing as failure. Failure is a label that we create, based on our judgement. There are only results we produce. And the question we should ask is – What do we do with the results we get”?

In another course that I attended, the trainer said “If something does not work, try something else”

I completely agree. In fact I always felt, that for any exam – there should be no label – “Failed”. The examinee produced results, which were low grades. But why call the examinee a “failure”. All that happened was that the person tried and the results were not great.

The question that should follow is – “So what does he/she need to do to get better results?”

And if a child gets such marks in school and has to repeat a class, it is all about “strengthening his/her learning”. A year repeated in a class only makes the child’s learning stronger. Repeating a class does not make one a failure!

At QMed, we make it a point to be fully aware of this learning, on a daily basis. Nothing that we do is a failure – we just learn that there is a better way to do it. And if one method does not work we try something else. Personally too, when I look back, I realize how much I managed to learn / accomplish by trying different approaches.

I would urge every participant of QMedCourses to think this way.

Whether you have a challenge in completing courses, or in getting grades you desire, just be open to trying again. With more awareness. With more concentration. Maybe you try and view some videos again. We even encourage you to re-visit any video when you answer quizzes! May be you should try to do the courses at a different timing in the day. 

Finally I invite you work with us and apply these methods for a very big goal. To reach our courses and learning opportunities to all medical colleges, and health sciences institutions. 

  • How can we reach our learning to every nook and corner of India?
  • How do we get people not just to subscribe to our courses, but actually learn?
  • How do we create a big body of experts in literature searching? 

Together let us all look at every possible approach to see that students and faculty across India learn great literature searching skills!

Write to me at to share ideas! 

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