Leprosy Eradication Day

Leprosy Eradication Day
World over, the 30th of January is celebrated as Leprosy Eradication Day. Multi Drug Therapy or MDT is the watchword for treatment of Leprosy – also known as Hansen’s disease.
In 1991, the World Health Organization established a wishful protocol to eliminate Hansen’s Disease by the year 2000. Not all nations were able to achieve this.
There is great scope, however, for treatment and eradication. Sources reveal >200,000 cases worldwide, every year. MDT is a very important tool to keep a check on this disease, particularly if supplemented by early detection.
We hope that health professionals world over can, on Leprosy Eradication Day pledge once more to work towards this cause.
Do check out systematic reviews as well as regular reviews on Leprosy – in the last 6 months. And do get in touch if you need more literature.

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