What are your problems?

What are your problems?

I recently attended a webinar titled “Sales Excellence for B2B Selling in Emerging Markets”. The topic obviously sounds “Oh so commercial”, but guess what? The audience were all from the social sector. Now why did we need such a webinar? It turns out that all of us are either creating products or offering services (or both). Only, what we do is for a social objective. The presenter of the webinar was Scott Roy from “Whitten & Roy Parthership” (USA) and he did a great job of tailoring his talk with the social sector in mind!

The main message that he gave us (worth its weight in gold) was:
Find out what the problems are, and tell your audience what your product or service will do to address these. Try and estimate the cost of the problem and let your audience know how they get rid of these costs, with your product or service

Now does that not seem like sheer common sense?

At QMed, with several years of interactions with participants post a lecture or a workshop, we have learnt about many problems. But we are sure that there are many more. So, we now plan to reach out and to learn and list all of them. While our lectures, workshops and online courses may address the problems we know about, we want to keep doing better and help you solve all of them. That is the way we can reach out to everyone in the health professions, all over India – our dream objective.

I encourage anyone who reads this post to list his / her problems while conducting online searches or referencing. Do make them generic, (eg – many articles are expensive, we get lots of irrelevant results, we waste too much time in both searching and referencing…) we can get to specifics when we have one to one discussions. We look forward to hearing from you here, and interacting with you soon!

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