JURN: A search tool for open access content

JURN: A search tool for open access content

JURN is a free online search engine for finding and downloading of free full-text scholarly works. It is powered by a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) and is run without any advertisements. It has an effective way to find open access content from a variety of sources. It is a hand-crafted and curated index.


Coverage: JURN doesn’t index journal home pages but article URLs. It covers subjects like Arts, Humanities, Business, Law, Nature, Science and Medicine.
The plus point of JURN is that it serves to remove unwanted results unlike what we get with generic search engines

How to use it: You can use it like you use Google. But searching here with just one or two words will not retrieve a good result. Better results will come from using the usual Google search modifiers such as the intitle: modifier, or putting phrases in “inverted commas”.

Here is an example:

Your topic is – diabetes mellitus in pregnancy

If you search with the above phrase, the result will only obtain an interesting set of very broad search results.
For a specific and useful results, you will need to use the intitle modifier along with the “inverted commas”.
intitle:”diabetes mellitus” “pregnancy”

Here’s a quick primer on some of the ways to search JURN
“diabetes mellitus in pregnancy” – Searches for a phrase
intitle:gestational diabetes – will display only results with this word in the title
diabetes mellitus in *” – Accept any wildcard word inside a phrase (you get articles where – diabetes mellitus in – is followed by any word, eg – elderly, children, Saudi Arabia etc.
ext:pdf – useful if you are sure you only want PDFs

So a simple search strategy can be:
gestational diabetes ext:pdf
intitle:“diabetes mellitus in*” ext:pdf

Can you search for a specific article?
Yes you can. Note that a search for very long journal article title, placed in quote marks, may not always give results in JURN. Using keyword search is recommended.

Who is JURN intended for?
Researchers, Students, Teachers, Professionals, Public Policy Makers and Planners, Journalists, Editors etc.

What’s included?
PhD thesis, Free Full Text Articles, Book Chapter and University Repositories.

JURN appears to be a quick and easy way of searching for open access materials in one place

Check the website: https://www.jurn.link/
How to use JURN: https://jurnsearch.wordpress.com/about/
FAQ’s: https://jurnsearch.wordpress.com/about/

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