Refreshed after a vacation

Refreshed after a vacation

I was on vacation from the 12th of June till the 17th of July. I had a lovely holiday filled with lots of walking and sight seeing (and some working of course – that is almost unavoidable). But once I was back, it took me a little over ten days to get back into the groove, partially due to the exhaustion of a hectic vacation.

For a leader of an organization this can be a source of intense discomfort. Especially when the organization is small, very often scrounging for funds and now in a stage where we see big growth… the vacation itself seemed like a questionable luxury, and one had certainly not planned for the post vacation fatigue. Thanks to a good friend and non profit leader – Pooja Taparia of Arpan – I was able to throw off this feeling. She made a post on Facebook about the importance of such breaks – in fact she wrote about how once, her board forced her to take a two month break, and how she came back recharged.

Reading her post made a big difference. It is amazing how one nagging thought can affect one’s productivity!

Well – I am back and now fully charged! My return was soon followed by my favourite activities – a two day workshop at the ICMR Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar, and three lectures in Mumbai, one of them being for my favourite target audience – UG students.

But this time – let me share about the ICMR – RMRC. We had tried for long to get to do a workshop for the ICMR, but it did not happen for various reasons. We wanted them to go through our workshop to sensitize them for the need for such skill building in the country, if we wanted great research outputs.

At the end of the two day session, senior scientists declared that every ICMR institute should organize our workshop for all their personnel! 

This comment was very important for us. It really brought home something we always suspected – that the skills we teach are much needed at the highest levels too. 

Matter of pride – ICMR & QMed logos together!

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