Lecture: LTMMC (Sion Hospital). Event – DNB Research Methodology Workshop. Aug 13, 2013

Lecture: LTMMC (Sion Hospital). Event – DNB Research Methodology Workshop. Aug 13, 2013

It actually happened again!  I got invited to do a second lecture at the LTMMC. (And a third that is scheduled for the 28th of August). The 2nd lecture was on the 13th of August at a 2-day session on Research Methodology for DNB Students from Maharashtra. There were around 35 students.

After a bit of tweaking of schedules, my lecture was from 12.00 noon till 1.30 PM. The students had already had two lectures by two great speakers – Dr Avinash Supe, who also is the Dean of LTMMC and Dr Mamta Manglani. Both being experienced speakers on the topic gave the students lots of gems to take away. Of course the other side is that they have their heads quite full by this time! Thank goodness for a tea break in between, that they did feel a bit more refreshed by the time I started 🙂

As usual I encountered the sheepish looks when I mentioned how literature search is normally done (Google with some keywords, scan pages 1,2,3 and pick up what seems reasonably okay. Even if it were PubMed – the same logic holds good). And when people’s jaws drop on seeing tools like the Single Citation Matcher and learning about some other simple methods of searching, I do feel sorry that for all our efforts, such learning is not integrated in the curriculum.

After all – all those of you who have attended the lecture /workshop have known how much of a difference it makes to you.

Vasumathi Sriganesh

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