Lecture: LTMMC (Sion Hospital). Event – DNB Research Methodology Workshop. July 17, 2013

Lecture: LTMMC (Sion Hospital). Event – DNB Research Methodology Workshop. July 17, 2013

It happened at last! For years, QMed somehow never had had an opportunity for either lectures or workshops at the LTMMC.  So this “inaugural” event we hope is the first of many more to come in the years ahead! Vasumathi Sriganesh describes QMed’s first lecture:

July 17 and 18 were dates for DNB residents from all over Maharashtra to gather at the LTMMC for a two day workshop on Research Methodology.  As I walked into the Seminar Room, there was a lecture on the basics of Designing a Protocol. Dr Mamta Manglani (also the main organizer of the event) was delivering the lecture and she looked at me inquiringly. I introduced myself and she welcomed me warmly.  A few minutes later (this was about nearly two hours after the event started) a participant walked in with an explanation for the delay. Later two more came in. It was later that I learned that quite a few Residents came in without registering earlier. I wonder,  when Dr Manglani looked at me, she would have wondered if I were a female version of Munnabhai – doing my medical degree very late in life!

I had the pleasure of interacting with other faculty from the Pediatrics Department before my lecture. They apparently had not heard about QMed or our literature searching workshops, which had me thinking about how much more we need to do, to spread awareness about us! After the lecture, the faculty promised that they would plan a workshop as early as they could. The workshop participants came up with lots of questions and also participated in the interactive question-answer sessions, with enthusiasm.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of more, at LTMMC / Sion Hospital!

I must add that the Seminar room of the Pediatrics Department (and I happened to notice a couple more such rooms for other departments) was a really nice facility, and if we could use any of these regularly to conduct workshops, we are sure it would be good for all… students, faculty and practitioners!

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