Training & Teaching – the Time Involved

Training & Teaching – the Time Involved

Tomorrow (23-03-2013) marks the completion of 21 years of my having entered medical librarianship. And tomorrow, I conduct with my colleague Lakshmi,  the 105th literature searching workshop, after the setting up of QMed Foundation.

Lakshmi and I spent a better part of today, planning the program which will be held at Jaslok Hospital, primarily for the DNB residents. Very often people ask me – “Can’t you do this workshop in  your sleep”?  My answer – “Of course I can”.

Then what made us spend so much time today?  The answer: – We go on trying to see how we can make it easier for our participants to understand the theoretical concepts of searching databases, and the myriad features available in them. In almost every program, at least one participant will have a blank look at some point. And we try and make that point easier the next time.

Over so many programs, we have had accolades about how crisp the program is, how easy we make it, and how good we are at teaching. It feels great. And yet, what we strive for is that our program should be so effective, that people do not forget what they learned and also develop the skills of self learning as they go!

Till then – every time there is a workshop, the previous day will be busy for us.

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