Strategies for coping with information overload

Smith R.

Strategies for coping with information overload

BMJ 2010; 341:c7126

Richard Smith, the former editor of BMJ discusses how doctors cope with “Information Overload”. He discusses various approaches that doctors take. He highlights Cochrane Reviews, UpToDate, BMJ Point of Evidence and other sources – where experts summarize evidence and make them available. However as he rightly says – quoting Muir Gray – we have an information paradox – there is far too much, and yet we don’t find answers!

Our Founder has responded with some comments in the Indian context. Do read her note:
Isn’t it time to recognize the need for a “Super Specialty Role” of Information Specialists and Librarians?

Appeared in QMedCONNECT Vol 3, Issue 12, Dec 2010


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