Searching PubMed using MeSH – made easy

Searching PubMed using MeSH – made easy

PubMed has made searching easier for you. Here is a simple tip. If you wish to do a search for Bisphosphonates in Osteoporosis, go to PubMed and click “MeSH database” on the lower right side

In this MeSH database page

  • Type Bisphosphonates in the Search box and click Search
  • You will get a result Diphosphonates (a synonym). Click “Add to search builder” (on the right side of the page)
  • The term Diphosphonates[Mesh] appears in the search builder box above
  • Next – in the Main search box, replace Bisphosphonates with Osteoporosis and click Search
  • You will get six terms; check the first one “Osteoporosis”.Once again click “Add to search builder”
  • In the Search builder box – you will see (“Diphosphonates”[Mesh]) AND “Osteoporosis”[Mesh]
  • Click Search PubMed.You get over 3000 results
  • Additional tip – change [MeSH] to [Major] for both search terms. The number of results reduces to over 2000.
  • Use the Limits link (just above the search box) to limit your search

Try this with different diseases and drugs!

Appeared in Volume 4 Issue 02 of QMedConnect

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