Retraction of an article

Retraction of an article

Off and on we come across papers that have been “retracted” from a journal. What is retraction and why does it happen? A retraction of a published article means that the author/journal wishes to “take it back”. In other words they indicate that the article should not have been published, and that its data and conclusions should not be used / quoted for any future research or publications. The common reasons for retraction of articles are scientific misconduct by way of falsifying data, plagiarism and several other actions.
An interesting Blog on Retracted papers was brought to our notice by Dr. Ratnakar Aspari a retired librarian and a good friend. Thank you Dr Ratnakar for this contribution to QMedCONNECT!

Retraction Watch www://

And for an interesting history and reason for creating this blog do check out the first post: Why write a blog about retractions?

Appeared in Volume 3 Issue 11 of QMedConnect

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