Shilpa S

There were lot of confusion regarding Mesh terms. This video has given me clarity regarding MesH terms and its appropriate usage. Before this training, I was curious about how they mentioned search strategy in the article. I never grasped the significance of brackets or how to use boolean operators. There was no one to instruct, and I couldn’t locate any information about it elsewhere. This course has enabled me to be more confidant.

Testimonial given for the Online Course – Information Resources and Literature Searching 

The referencing was explained in simple words. All the aspects of referencing were covered in brief. Gave me a brief outlook on citation managers. The topic has been divided into short modules, finishing them gave me happiness. All the videos were easy to follow, clear and had appropriate audiovisual aid. MCQs were very appropriate and thought provoking. Overall I enjoyed watching the video.

Testimonial given for the Online Course – Introduction to Referencing

This course explained many aspects of PubMed, which otherwise I did not know. I liked the detailed yet simple coverage of topics; I liked the various activities that can be done in PubMed and save my time; I have understood the process of saving my search.

Testimonial given for the Online Course – Mastering PubMed