July 2021

Webinars this month:

For QMedCourses registered users: Orientation and updates about the QMedCourses site offering:

– 4th July – Foundation for Excellence
– 17th July – All individual registrants
– 22nd July – Karunashraya (Bangalore Hospice Trust)
– 28th July – Apollo Tele Health Services

At Research Methodology Workshops, Lectures on Literature searching & Reference management

– 26th July – MUHS workshop
– 27th July – MUHS workshop

– 22nd July – CASCADE Workshop by Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology of India, Lecture on Literature Search

We currently have over 2720 participants for QMed Courses. This includes 8 institutions and 555 individual users.

We are very happy to share that AIIMS Bhubaneswar has renewed its subscription to QMedCourses. They were the first to enroll when we launched last year and this year they are back with us again!