...Together let us build a generation that engages in evidence based healthcare...

QMed Knowledge Foundation: A Unique Change Making NGO in India

Health professionals want to find out the evidence of what works best, and offer patients treatment based on such evidence. They wish to stay updated with the latest research findings. How do they do this?

In India training to find updates and evidence is not part of the health sciences curriculum. As a result health science students and professionals waste hours searching for literature and evidence. Time that could be better spent in actual research, learning and practice!

QMed Knowledge Foundation is making a change. Since 2008, QMed has shared its skills in literature searching and referencing, conducting hundreds of workshops and lectures all over India.

The most common feedback was - “This should be a part of the curriculum; all of us need to learn this”. And in 2018, we launched our first Online Course. In 2019, we have added two more courses. Still more will follow in the future.

We believe in engaging with our target audience to take things ahead, so that the Indian population has access to evidence based healthcare. Together let us build a generation that engages in providing this access.

What we do

The art of medical literature searching….simplified…

Timeline / Achievements

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  • August 2022

    Lectures/ Webinars/Workshops this month:

    13th August – Workshop- How to do literature search using PubMed, Searching Cochrane, Mendeley – King George’s Medical University, Lucknow
    16th August – Webinar – Literature searching – Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies, Ghaziabad, UP organised by EduFuture

    Statistics – QMedCourses:

    2430 participants including 12 institutions and 988 individuals.

  • July 2022

    Lectures/ Webinars this month:

    09th July – Use of Reference Managers – YMT Dental College
    11th July – Literature Searching – APM’s Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Sion
    14th July – Literature Searching – TNMC – Nair Hospital
    26th July – Literature Searching – KEM UG Confluence
    26th July – Literature Searching- MUHS RMWS – KEM – Dept of Infectious Diseases

    Statistics – QMedCourses:

    3421 participants including 12 institutions and 961 individuals.

  • June 2022

    Lectures/ Webinars this month:

    26th June – Literature Search & Reference Management – Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences, Calicut
    28th June – Literature Search – RMWS – YMT Homeopathic Medical College
    30th June – Use of Reference Managers – Cancer Treatment Centres (CTC) Palliative Care

    – “Mini webinars” – events of 15 minutes duration, followed by interactions on every Tuesday and Friday at 4pm. More details

    Statistics – QMedCourses:

    3138 participants including 12 institutions and 914 individuals.

  • May 2022

    Lectures/ Webinars this month:

    10th May – Literature Search -MUHS
    11th May – Literature Search – P D Hinduja College of Nursing

    – “Mini webinars” – events of 15 minutes duration, followed by interactions on every Tuesday and Friday at 4pm. More details

    Statistics – QMedCourses:

    3948 participants including 10 institutions and 878 individuals.

     GITAM University, Visakhapatnam (which includes the Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, School of Pharmacy, Institute of Nursing and Dental College & Hospital) joins us for Institutional Access to our courses

  • March 2022

    Webinars this month:

    – 9th Mar – Literature Searching at Nair Hospital Dental College
    – “Mini webinars” – events of 15 minutes duration, followed by interactions on every Tuesday and Friday at 4pm. More details

    Statistics – QMedCourses:

    4820 participants including 11 institutions and 830 individuals.

How you can help

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