March 15, 2024: Founder Story – Spreading QMed’s Mission – Travel Challenges

Sharing a story from our Founder – the human experiences of her train travels, as she spreads QMed’s mission

When I conduct workshops in cities, most often I fly. We read a lot about flying woes these days – delayed flights and more. With train journeys, for me they are a wee bit more challenging as I get on in years. But my love for delivering lectures and conducting workshops all over India, makes me decide to accept most of these challenges!

I am sharing the “good aspects” that I recently encountered, in the midst of challenges.

In 2023, I had done a workshop in Anand (Gujarat), and later a lecture in Dhule (Maharashtra). After the workshop at Anand, during my return journey, there was a confusion about where my train coach would appear. I kept getting different inputs from the railway website and from people on the platform.

Finally, I approached a room with policemen and asked them. One cop came out and said – “Please wait for a bit and I will revert”. In a short while he came out and escorted me to almost the other end of the platform. Not just that, he carried my laptop bag and my small suitcase, seeing that I had some difficulty in walking. He ensured that I had a comfortable seat on the platform and also told me where exactly my coach would come. He had to leave. He gave me his mobile number and said “If you have any problem, please call me”!

Most often we only read about complaints regarding officials and cops. This was a wonderful human story that I felt I must share.

Similarly, on my return trip from Dhule, my train was delayed by a full three hours. Which meant that instead of a (late enough) 10.30 PM, I had to wait till 1.30 AM to board the train – in a small town station. I reached the platform at 11.30 AM (knowing that the train would be late). The Professor who invited me, sent his driver to drop me at the station. This driver came with me to the platform, spoke with some railway personnel, found my coach position and settled me there. And the railway personnel also told me that he would be around (on night duty) and would assist me if I needed.

He kept his word and checked twice more with the control room and made sure that my coach would be at the point where I was waiting.

I’d like to stress that in these stations, the train stops for barely two minutes and for people like me it is important that I do not have to run a distance to reach my coach. Officials like these make it so good for senior citizens.

In addition – they help us carry out QMed’s mission. A silent thank you to them!

QMed has miles to go before our teaching reaches all health sciences institutions – by inclusion in the curriculum. All of us at QMed have pledged that we will not rest till we achieve this mission. All of us constantly move out of our comfort zones. I did my share recently by accepting the challenges of unearthly travel times and some unpredictable instances. I love what I do.

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