Searching PubMed using MeSH – made easy

PubMed has made searching easier for you. Here is a simple tip. If you wish to do a search for Bisphosphonates in Osteoporosis, go to PubMed and click “MeSH database” on the lower right side In this MeSH database page Type Bisphosphonates in the Search box and click Search You will get a result Diphosphonates […]

The Cochrane Students’ Journal Club

This is a brand new initiative to sensitize students to the concepts and practice of Evidence Based Medicine, and to critically read medical literature outside their key areas of study. Available at, it will follow a regular schedule. On the 1st of every month a Clinical scenario with a PICO style question will be posted. […]

Plagiarism Checker

Free Online Plagiarism checker. The word “Plagiarism” keeps surfacing every now and then, in several contexts. We know that in the simplest sense it means “copying”. But when we sit down to write an article several doubts come up. “If I reference whatever I have copied, does that constitute plagiarism”? “If I copy from my […]

Retraction of an article

Off and on we come across papers that have been “retracted” from a journal. What is retraction and why does it happen? A retraction of a published article means that the author/journal wishes to “take it back”. In other words they indicate that the article should not have been published, and that its data and […]

NCBI – Image Finder

NCBI has a new “Image Finder”. This database has around 3 million images from free resources deposited in the NCBI (eg – PubMed Central journals). All images are subject to the general copyright restrictions. The url is (You can also reach this from PubMed). From the Dropdown option above the PubMed search box, choose “Images”. Try […]