The hurdles that we face – when we search for literature

Since February, I wrote four posts about the issues in India regarding literature searching and access to resources. February : Twenty years since of PubMed access and are our health professionals “information savvy” This was all about the lack of information literacy. March: Literature searching and the ideal researcher Covered what a literature searcher should know April: Country […]

The Google Knowledge Graph- Trivia

When you type in a query like “Famous surgeons in India” in the Google Search box, you see a picture carousel of several surgeons, followed by a host of relevant search results. Have you wondered how this works? We broadly know about terms like result ranking, search engine optimization and more. But let us understand […]

Short Course on Statistical Computing using Epi Info

The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University is organizing a Short Course on “Statistical Computing” from 23rd – 25th May 2018.  This course will cover concepts of Data Management and Biostatistical Analysis using Epi Info software. Epi Info 7 is an open source software that enables creation of easy data entry forms, database construction, customized data entry and […]

Researcher and Author Profiles: Opportunities, Advantages, and Limitations.

Gasparyan AY, Nurmashev B, Yessirkepov M, Endovitskiy DA, Voronov AA, Kitas GD. Researcher and author profiles: opportunities, advantages, and limitations. Journal of Korean medical science. 2017 Nov 1;32(11):1749-56. Have you often found yourself wondering- “Are the online platforms I use for getting information all very similar, or are they different?” For instance, how do you […]

Online access to health information resources in India, what more should we be doing?

My two recent posts – Literature searching and the ideal researcher, and Country wide access to databases / journals: an urgent need both brought in several comments and I thank every reader for these. We will be compiling the comments to see how we should move ahead. I am also happy to add that since my last posts, […]