Research methodology teaching for undergraduate medical students – an interesting project

Development and implementation of a competency-based module for teaching research methodology to medical undergraduates. Patra S, Khan AM J Educ Health Promot. 2019 Aug 30;8:164 PMID:31544129 The authors did this study as a part of a FAIMER fellowship program (CMCL-FAIMER). It aimed to develop and carry out a “competency-based research methodology” training module for undergraduate […]

Finding and Using Health Statistics

Statistics? Oh no! If you just said that – you are one of a large number of medicos ­čÖé There is a joke that most medicos became medicos in order to run away from Maths and then end up being forced to learn Statistics! Setting jokes aside, guess what we found? This is a simple […]

Medical research: is it done correctly?

A lot of discussions happen about medical research in India. About how we do not have a conducive environment / encouragement and more. I am not commenting on any of the earlier discussions. I would like to stress on one activity in medical research that is most often not done right. It concerns me on […]

We are delighted to discover that our teaching spreads…

Recently three Postgraduate residents from a Dental College visited our office. Their research guide told them to consult me as each one of them was working on a systematic review. They needed help with search strategies that they had worked on. The residents explained that as part of a project submission, they were required to […]

What made me choose to be a Trustee of QMed

Since childhood, I have always been curious to know about the lives of doctors and other para medical professionals.┬áDestined to become Librarian by profession, it gave me a chance to work closely with doctors and other para medical professionals when I was selected for the job at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Lokmanya Tilak […]