The new PubMed is here! Learn something about it

In mid November 2019, the National Library of Medicine, USA announced the launch of the new PubMed. They mentioned that the new one will become the “default” from Spring 2020 – which will be around the 19th of March, 2020. It is time for us to start getting used to the new PubMed – both […]

Compliance. Ethics. Integrity…

Compliance – makes us follow the law. We could be punished or fined if we are not compliant. Ethics – something we most often grow up with. Taught directly or indirectly by parents, other family members and teachers. Integrity – results when we have compliance and ethics deep rooted inside us. The absence of integrity […]

Cancer Guidelines Database

cancer guidelines database

This database has approximately 1000 English language Cancer guidelines. Useful for clinicians, policy makers, and researchers, it has three types of records. These are based on the “Agree Score” (details about this score are available on the website). The first is high quality guidelines that have a score higher than 60%, the second is moderate […]

Inviting your inputs: for a more holistic approach to expand QMed’s work

Holistic approach to education I recently happened to attend a “peer learning network session” where the participants were people from not-for-profit organizations worldwide. I attended this virtual session, not expecting much because I knew that the context of discussion would mainly be based on primary education. But to my surprise, the points discussed turned out […]

9th Annual International conference of the Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences – IABSCON 2020- February 27- 29, 2020

The Department of Biochemistry, D.Y.Patil Medical College, Kolhapur is organizing IABSCON 2020 from 27th to 29th Feb 2020 at Sayaji Hotel, Kolhapur. The Theme of the conference is “ADVANCES IN BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH-FROM BASICS TO TRANSLATIONAL. The conference will cover all the research areas like Laboratory Medicine/Quality Assurance, Metabolic Syndromes & Inborn Disorders, Cancer Biology and […]