Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis from 29th – 31st August 2019

Samarth  in  collaboration  with  SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation)  is organizing  a Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis from 29th – 31st August 2019 at SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation) R-7A North Main, Anna Nagar West (Extn.), Chennai- 600 101, Tamil Nadu, India. The focus of the program will be Qualitative Research – theories & concepts, […]

Welcoming new Trustees!

After a heavy month of lectures and workshops in April, the month of May was spent on internal focus. We are very happy to welcome three new Trustees to QMed: – 1. Ms Anujaa Navaratnaa – a Librarian, who has worked in the LTMMC & Sion Hospital and later at CRISIL. She also has an […]

Find out in which PMC articles you have been cited or acknowledged.

PMC or PubMed Central has around 5.4 Million full text articles. Want to find out in how many you have been cited or acknowledged? Here are the steps: Go to the PMC website In the search box type your name followed by [Reference author] (See image below) In the results click any title. You […]

Do medical students (undergraduates) need to learn research?

Knowledge, attitude, practice, and barriers toward research among medical students: A cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey. Pallamparthy S, Basavareddy A. Perspect Clin Res. 2019 Apr-Jun;10(2):73-78. doi: 10.4103/picr.PICR_1_18. ; PMID: 31008073; PMCID: PMC6463502. This is an article after my heart! The authors voice our sentiments, when they say that medical students should be trained in the methods of […]

Dr Avinash Supe helps validate my thoughts for QMed!

In April, I had a great meeting with Dr Avinash Supe – one that lasted almost for an hour. I have known Dr Supe since around 1999/2000, and he has been a friend and well-wisher for years – something that I am very grateful for. When I met him in April, he helped me validate my thoughts, dreams for QMed, […]