Researchers / Undergraduate students and Feedback for our courses

Researchers / Undergraduate students and Feedback for our courses

In the last month for our first (Basic) course  we received the following two feedback statements – one from a UG student and one from a research professional

Feedback 1
“Thank you for your initiative. I wish I had come across this site a lot earlier”

Feedback 2
“The course was taught well. just that some of it was too basic”

One would automatically deduce the the UG student gave the first and that the researcher gave the second.

Fact: It was just the opposite

Our first course is really aimed at UG students as it teaches the absolute must know basics about searching. And it is sad that many seniors either do not know these basics or often confuse them. The most common confusion being about Boolean operators AND and OR

It is heartening to see a UG student mentioning that it was too basic. We want to see the day when majority of second year UG students say so – because they learnt it all in the first year

We have not yet contacted Anish, the UG student who gave this feedback. We would love to know where / how he learnt these basics. We imagine that he learnt it at his institution (UCMS Delhi) – because we have conducted sessions there, and we know that their faculty are teaching these basics. Thank you Anish for saying that we had taught it well!

We are also happy to share that in the month of February 2020, three institutions signed up for our courses. Sri Manakula Vinayagar, Puducherry and AIIMS Guwahati for the second year, and Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Kochi for the first year! We wish to have many institutions enrol every month!

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