Feedback from UG students for our courses and the need for early learning

Feedback from UG students for our courses and the need for early learning

In my last post I had mentioned that when we worked with researchers engaged with research projects for the Lancet Citizens’ Commission, we observed that if they had approached us earlier we may have saved them lots more time. After my last post, one of them mentioned – “If we had started working with you earlier, we may have made lots more progress by now!”  That was a really precious, reaffirming comment.

It just confirms to us that the earlier these skills are picked up, medical research gets better, with lots of time saved. And we are really happy that more undergraduate medical students are learning them soon.

Here are some comments –  feedback we recently received from medical students from different schools. Some of them have been provided access to our courses, through The Foundation for Excellence – a not for profit organization that supports bright students from lower economic families to pursue degrees in medicine and other professional courses. (Some comments have been edited for errors and for brevity)

Information Resources & Literature Searching

  • Faiaz – The course is awesome. At first I couldn’t find a way to explore the program. I didn’t understand what was going on here. But then I found a lot being taught about knowledge resources. I am very happy. I had no knowledge about medical journals and such resources, earlier.
  • Sameer – I would like to say – the course was fantastic; it was way beyond my expectations. It was concise and straightforward. It explained new and useful concepts to me in an organized manner. It made my knowledge clear on Information Retrieval and on Searching for Articles.
    Thank you very much for this. Your support too is impressive. Kudos to you and your team, and keep up the good work.

Introduction to Referencing:

  • Kuntal – It tells us how to reference when writing an article. It will be useful in my future course of study.
  • Shohidul – Very informative and it is useful for future use.

Mastering PubMed:

  • Shagun – I was very scared of research and the whole process in general. I was recommended this course by Dr. ­­­Viraat (Neurosurgeon), and I can say that taking a subscription is the best decision I made.
  • Kuntal – Very useful and I loved it

Reference Management with Mendeley:

  • Shagun – I loved every aspect of the course, the way it is simplified and also help received by the organization. A 100/100 experience.
  • Shohidul – The course duration is not lengthy so it is not boring. It is interesting because after each course there is a quiz and also a certificate that give us energy for participation in the next course.

May all these students learn soon! And do much better in their UG research projects, PG theses and more. These are steps to encourage high quality Indian Medical Research and provide evidence based care for the population.

If you can introduce us to the Heads of Research of various institutions, and tell them about our courses, we would be happy to speak to them and take things ahead.

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