How do we know what journals want? Learn about “Instructions to Authors”

How do we know what journals want? Learn about “Instructions to Authors”

So you have done research on a topic and want to publish it. One has ever so many questions about the entire process. Which journal should I choose? What referencing style do I need to use? What is the editorial process followed? How long should my article be?

One great resource for learning more is the “Instructions to Authors page” of any journal. Try out the “Indian Journal of Cancer’s Instructions to Authors page” Got it? There are so many details here.

Now here is a “super link” – for the instructions to authors of a huge number of journals. This is the Mulford Health Science Library’s “Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences” page. (This library is in Toledo, Ohio State, USA)

This page of the Mulford Library provides links to over 6,000 journals in the health and life sciences. Every link leads straight to the instructions to authors page, for that journal.

You can browse an alphabetical list of journals and see the instructions for one or more. Better still you can run a search – “Journal title begins with a word”. A still better option is you can search for a journal title that contains a word. If you search for – contains India – you retrieve titles with the word India or Indian.

A very interesting search feature is – Add a special character. There are journals with titles like
Acta Agriculturæ Scandinavica. Section A: Animal Science
Where you see in the second word the a and e joined. So you can add from a menu – the character æ

What came to my mind is that if you wish to publish your article in say a journal that focuses on Diabetes / Diabetology, then run a search with the option “Journal title contains – diab – and go through the instructions for authors of titles that seem relevant to you. You never know – you might find the most suitable journal for your article!

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