A New PubMed calls for New Online Courses

A New PubMed calls for New Online Courses

We once again needed a break – as we finalized our new online courses. But YES – here they are! Our brand new site for our courses – www.qmedcourses.in has been up for about three weeks. We have three courses:

Introduction to Resources and Literature Searching:
This one is targetted at students and new residents, but it is turning out to be useful to many more!. It helps one understand different types of information resources and the very basics of literature searching

Mastering PubMed
Most importantly – this one is based on the New PubMed – which has replaced the old as of mid June. While the old can still be used at https://pmlegacy.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/, it will be available only till end September.

Reference Management with Mendeley
A Reference Manager is a must for every student and professional of health sciences. First – to store details of any good article / book / book chapter one has read, and also any important website one has browsed. It makes it so easy to recall a publication. And then, more importantly – while writing a paper or chapter, inserting an in-text citation and writing the corresponding reference calls only for clicks and not laborious typing!

Our courses make it all easy to learn! With short videos, MCQs to enhance understanding and Assessments that help you test your learning, you get well prepared to tackle that thesis or publication. And then, we at QMed are there for you – if you need more help or advice! Don’t wait – enrol for our courses at www.qmedcourses.in

And here is the latest: AIIMS Bhubaneswar has paid us for institutional access – for all their faculty and students!

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