ChemRxiv – a Preprint Archive

ChemRxiv – a Preprint Archive

ChemRxiv (pronounced ‘chem-archive’) is a free archive. One can search this archive to retrieve research on various categories of Chemistry research – including the areas of interest to health professionals. It also serves as a repository where one can submit,unpublished preprints in chemistry and related areas.

Any preprint archive allows researchers to share results with colleagues in the same field, for the purpose of discussion and receiving comments. This not only helps he research move on in better directions, but also helps researchers get comments before they submit the paper for publication in a journal. Most importantly it establishes a priority and precedence of any discovery.

This archive covers a vast area of Chemistry.
Of interest to health professionals is the field of “Biological and Medicinal Chemistry”, which further includes – Biochemistry Bioinformatics , Cell and Molecular Biology, Drug Discovery and Drug Delivery Systems and Microbiology

We would once again stress that when one has to do an extensive literature search, one must include searches from grey literature sources like these preprint archives

Access ChemRxiv at –

ChemRxiv is co-owned, and collaboratively managed by the American Chemical Society (ACS), German Chemical Society (GDCh) and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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