JANE Wants to Help You Publish!

JANE Wants to Help You Publish!

If you are a health sciences student/practitioner with a paper you want to publish, you might face some indecision about where to publish it.  JANE is an online tool designed to help you with this. All you have to do is feed in the title/abstract of the paper in the box, and click “Find Journals”. JANE matches your document to a host of other documents in PubMed to give you the best match for journals that may accept your paper.

All journals found in PubMed are included in JANE. This includes all authors with one or more publications in the last ten years that have been included in PubMed. This means that JANE covers all records in PubMed that

  • Have an abstract
  • Have been published in the last 10 years,
  • Did not belong to certain categories such as comment, editorial, news, historical articles, congresses and so forth.

However, for purposes of displaying active journals alone, JANE does not show the ones for which there has been no entry in PubMed in the last year. You can identify journals of good quality via tags JANE gives to journals currently indexed in MEDLINE as well as open access journals approved by the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Besides all this, Jane can also help you look for articles. You can look for resources using options like “Find Authors” or “Find Articles”. JANE also allows you the option of a keyword search. Using the open source search engine Lucene, Jane first looks for the 50 articles most relevant/similar to your input. To understand more about this, you can read JANE’s paper here. Data is updated once every month.

Summing up, JANE makes for in interesting tool which you can try for yourself here.



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